Thursday, August 17, 2017

Five Free Ways to Promote Your Online Business

Many individuals are of the misconception that just the big time players can produce cascading traffic for their internet sites due to the fact that only these big time players have the spending plan to carry out the advertising methods needed to gather a great deal of site visitors for their web pages.

Though some traffic generation methods can cost real cash to introduce, but there are a good number of highly powerful methods that will not cost you a single cent. Indeed, there are ‘free of cost’ internet marketing methods that will promise thousands upon thousands of visitors on a regular basis– if they are performed properly.

Here are 5 effective, and cost-free, methods to promote your online business:.

1. Article advertising. Post advertising is, without a question, among the most efficient way to create traffic for any site. Write-up advertising involves the writing of 500 to 750 word articles pertinent to the subject of your internet site and occupied by a healthy amount of specific keywords being targeted for that certain piece. Each post must be accompanied by an attention-grabbing title and a resource box that contains a clear call to action which will be leading readers to the author’s website. Such a post will be submitted to any, or all, of the numerous short article directory sites on the web today. Post marketing is a terrific method to build your brand, to develop your name as a specialist in the market, and to build back links that will greatly improve your internet site’s position in online search engine good results.

2. Viral advertising. Viral marketing is the online equivalent of word-of-mouth

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advertising. Essentially, it’s about releasing something really cool free of charge and counting on the people who will get to experience it to share the same with individuals they understand. Of course, the viral seed needs to carry your company message– particularly, a link to your site– for this strategy to work. Providing the viral seed to 5 individuals could instantly spread your link to 25 people, and to 625 individuals, and to thousands more after that. The lot of individuals who will get to experience the viral seed will significantly expand, a testament to the sheer marketing power of viral advertising. Instances of a viral seed are a complimentary eBook, a complimentary software program, a free rebate voucher, and the likes.

3. News release advertising. Offline and online publications are constantly on the lookout for newsworthy products that they can utilize. By sending a press release about your website to any or all of the press release wires on the web, and with journalism release containing your internet site’s URL, you can possibly have your link published to thousands upon hundreds of offline and online publications really, extremely quickly.

4. Video marketing. Video is hot these days. Websites like YouTube are among the most prominent online destinations nowadays. You can capitalize on the public’s enthrallment with videos by developing a video that is relevant to the subject of your site and embedding a watermark on the exact same which will contain your site’s URL. Uploading such a video in YouTube alone can guarantee thousands of new visitors over night.

5. Web 2.0 advertising. Social networking (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) social bookmarking (StumpleUpon, among others) and social news indexing (Digg, Reddit and the likes) are simply a few of the new media that you could exploit totally free to expose your URL to more people and to create direct traffic to your websites.

So you can see, that though they may take you some time and effort, there are ways to promote your online business economically.


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  1. Joseph G. says:

    I am a successful internet marketer who has tried just about every form of advertising. Viral advertising and web 2.0 advertising are some of my favorite ways to advertise. Especially viral advertising. If you could get your website to go viral, you can get so much traffic. Thanks for this post. It is extremely valuable.