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How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Business

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Video marketing has become a popular way to market websites and businesses. This is because there is something different and entertaining about videos. Online viewers absolutely love videos.  They love videos about anything, from “how to put on makeup”, music videos, animal antics and training, medical related, you name it and there is a video about it.

Just look at these recent YouTube statistics from over a year ago, and it’s still growing:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 53 countries and across 61 languages
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth
  • 25% of global YouTube views come from mobile devices
  • People watch one billion views a day on YouTube mobile

These numbers are staggering. And this is just YouTube, there are several more large video sites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion which also have huge audiences. Now as a small business you might think you’d be lost in this sea of products. But YouTube has so many users that their are people searching for for information in their local area constantly. In addition, for several years now Google has been showing properly optimized videos in their search results. This has been a boom for small businesses in their local areas.

Making Videos is Relatively Easy

As for how to produce your video, this is the fun part. You have to decide what kind of video you want to make. You have options such as taking your video camera and making your own, filming something from your web cam, making a PowerPoint presentation, or simply taking photographs and turning them into a slide show. The greatest boon to making videos has come about in just the past couple of years with the advent of simple ‘Flip” cams and more importantly mobile phones with built in video capability and resolution that only high-end video cameras had only a few short years ago. There are now 100’s of millions of amateur video producers walking the streets worldwide at any moment.  Businesses are finding success with all of these methods.

Producing your video has gotten easier with each passing day. Nearly all computers come with built in video editing capabilities, most the major upload services such as YouTube have editing resources and there is a wealth of excellent professional grade software available fairly inexpensively. It still takes time if you have to do a lot of editing and you want to ad special features and special effects, but testing has found that often these don’t really attract a whole lot more views than than those uploaded straight from a camera phone. But generally most businesses want to put a better foot forward in their productions.

Why Use Video for Your Business

A few reasons why you should use video promotion for your website:

  • Google now shows videos in their search engine results
  • Producing a video is very cost-effective
  • Video sharing services contain valuable tools that help spread the word
  • The competition for ranking well is not so aggressive as in traditional search.
  • Video communities are some of the most active media sites on the web.
  • Let’s customers get to know you and build trust.

All of these reasons give you a reason why you should consider video marketing to market your business. It’s not easy,and you still have to perform SEO on your videos, pick the right keywords and optimize them correctly, to show well in the rankings. But because many small businesses have not taken the time to do, or have done correctly,  there is still a huge window of opportunity to market your business., especially in your local market.

Video Marketing Basics

Because this could be a post in itself, the attributes of a good video and how to get them ranked, I’m just going to cover a few basics here. I’m planning on doing an in depth article or perhaps even a white paper on video ranking, with more advanced tactics in the near future.

  • Pick your keyword carefully. You want to name your video with that KW if possible.
  • Get right to the point, most viewers will only give you about 30 seconds to keep their attention.
  • Unless it’s a really technical item that needs a lot of in-depth explanation, keep your video fairly short, 3 – 4 minutes works well.  If you have a lot of content, break it up into smaller segments.
  • Try not to have too much fluff, people are viewing for a reason. Get to the point.
  • How to videos are always popular.
  • Create your own YouTube channel for your business and keep it for business, Don’t be watching or adding, subscribing or liking the cute cats video, or monster truck jam, to your business video channel. Entertaining though they may be, keep it separate from your business channel. It is perfectly ok however, to have related business video likes or subscriptions attributed to your channel.
  • Make sure you put in relevant keywords when you tag your video, just 4-5 is plenty.
  • Be sure to fill out the advanced portion when you upload your video as far as location, category, etc.
  • Write a nice description starting with your URL  and then your phone number also, you want to link to – then at least a couple of paragraphs explaining what your video is about. If you have the entire transcript that’s even better. Make sure your primary KW is in there a time or two, but don’t stuff it.

Just doing these basic things will have you well on your way to having a successful video marketing experience. For further info or help with your business videos, contact us. We’re the leading video marketing experts in the Greenville SC area.





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    The stats that you included in your post, on how powerful video marketing has become, should convince any C-level executive to rethink their marketing strategy.