Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Social Networking

Social networking has evolved into a huge factor in both our personal and business lives, as millions of people around the world are spending much of their time interacting on various social media sites. This has presented both a problem for businesses,  small and large, as they’ve had to scramble to keep in front of their customers and opportunities for those businesses that get it right.

The good news is that the opportunities for laser-targeted advertising are becoming a reality. Want to target 18-24 year old college graduate women who are engaged? Well, you can…in Facebook. The bad news is that, with this added power, comes much added complexity. That’s why you need a partner who understands and can work in this dynamic and complex, constantly shifting marketplace. Social sites that were dominate only a few years ago are struggling for survival now.

social_networking_03Some facts about social networking sites:

Facebook gets nearly as much traffic as Google with nearly 900 million users

YouTube gets nearly 4 billion hours of video views per month with over 800 million users per month

Twitter continues to grow rapidly and is one of the most popular sites in the world in only a few years with nearly 500 million users

New networks such as Pinterest and Tumbler are exploding

Linkedin and Google+ continue to grow

There are hundreds of niche social sites drawing millions of visitors every year.

It’s become imperative for businesses, both large and small, to be aware  of the impact their presence or lack of, can effect their operations.

Learn how we at Strategic Online Profits can help you identify, and become part of the most appropriate social sites relevant to your business and your customer demographics.