Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Reputation Management

Greenville Reputation Management

Greenville Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management entails monitoring and assisting you in keeping a good online reputation. This is critical in today’s marketplace, not only nationally but also locally. An astounding number ( as high as 75%) of people will check out a local business online before doing business with them. A good reputation can dramatically help drive leads and increase your business whereas a poor reputation can hurt you, and often times you may not even be aware of why your business is slowing down. We can help turn your business image around.

Does my Company Need Greenville Reputation Management?

This is simple. Go online and search for your company name, just as a potential customer would.  And then search for your company name with the word reviews behind it. You may be surprised. We monitor companies reputations constantly to ensure that if you have a problem, it can be addressed quickly.

The best course of action is to be proactive in your reputation management. Many people are leery of companies that, either because they’re new, or just haven’t made the effort, don’t have any reviews or very few. We can install a system in place, by implementing advanced custom tools, to get you glowing reviews and help grow your positive online presence and at the same time help build your mailing list with clients who are happy with your service.

Monitoring You Online Reputation is Critical

In today’s world where everyone is online, whether it be on their computer or phone,  it only takes a second for someone to check any business. In addition, that same internet user can hurt your business dramatically with a poor online review of your services, thereby severely hurting the business that you may have spent years building. An unhappy customer, in one minute from their phone, can destroy what you spent years building. It’s just not customers that can hurt you, it can be a disgruntled employee, an ex-employee or even a competitor and if you’re not monitoring your online presence constantly then you could be losing serious money financially as well as your prestige in your community.

Greenville Reputation Management Services:

Basic Reputation Management

With our basic program, we come in and evaluate how your business works and in what areas you need the most help. We then put a system in place to enable the company to collect the reviews it needs and then perform on going work to get those reviews in the correct places.

Reputation Management Monitoring

Our advanced reputation management monitoring service will include all of the basic services and in addition we will monitor all of the normal review sites where your business is located. In cases where your site is not found on certain review sites we will add your business to them to increase your business presence online.

Social Media Reputation Monitoring

This is our complete program. Not only do you get  review site monitoring along with our basic reputation management systems, we track everything about your business on most the major social sites. This a service that few agencies can offer. In addition we can manage certain of your profiles for you.

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