Thursday, July 27, 2017

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We Love SEO!

Everyone loves successful SEO – search engine optimization, because you can get lots of traffic…and…it’s free! The main problem with many so-called experts in SEO is that they get so focused on ranking that they forget the end result you want is to drive traffic to your business. The other problem is, that no one definitively knows how Google decides where to rank your site and when it will show up. Any expert that tells you that they know exactly how Google’s ranking works and/or guarantees that you’ll get into the top spots (for a fee, of course), is being less than truthful.

However, there are proven techniques that you can employ to help get your site into the top of the listings. In today’s world, search engine optimization has become an all inclusive term. Not only does it entail proper site structure and web design, it also includes relevant content, social media, review sites and a variety of relevant back-links. Yes, there are shortcuts you can take to get quicker rankings, but if you’re a real business with long term goals, you need a properly structured SEO plan that’s going to endure for the long run and not get penalized with the next Google update. We believe in being very transparent about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, so we’ll show you exactly what we’re doing, and why it helps to skyrocket you right to the top!

seo_03Business owners have big challenges when it comes to search engine optimization:

  • Often, Google doesn’t even know their site exists for all practical purposes.
  • Even if Google does know about their site, it never shows up in search engine listings, or at least where anyone will ever find it.
  • Even if their site does show up in some kind of search, it’s hardly ever the “keyword phrase” the owner would like.
  • Even if the owner could dictate to Google what keywords to show the site for, many business owners don’t know which words and phrases are the money makers or the traffic drivers to their site.

We believe in taking a very systematic approach to a well constructed SEO plan, beginning with the basics:

Excellent keyword research to see what terms your clients are really searching for in regards to your business. That includes looking beyond the obvious. Often the terms that people search for you could easily rank for, especially in a local market, are not the business owners first thought when he describes his business.

A simple example is for a plumbing company. An owner might focus on “plumbing”, “plumbing contractor” “plumber Greenville”. There’s nothing wrong with these keywords, but there may be 50 other companies trying for the same keywords. With good keyword research you may find that 15% of the searches may be for “stopped up drain lines” or “leaky kitchen spigot”. There might be only a few sites with pages optimized for these keywords, so your chances of ranking high would be much greater.

A well designed website: A website doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. Just a well thought out site with pertinent information and good relevant content that is properly structured and easy to navigate is all it takes.

New Marketing Strategy
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Content has always been important to a well optimized search engine plan as well as to your potential customers. You want to give your customers a reason to come back to your site as well as help establish yourself as the go-to person or entity when they need something that relates to your business.

For example – say you have a carpet cleaning business, a series of videos where you show exactly how to remove various carpet stains can help establish you as the expert in your area. These are videos that you can shoot with the average smart phone and upload to YouTube after just minor editing with free software. So be creative.

Social Networking is of utmost importance not only for ranking but also for driving traffic to your site. Their are literally hundreds of social networking sites in addition to Facebook.

Citation and review sites are an excellent source for not only SEO purposes but to also  drive traffic to your site since these sites often rank highly.

A relevant and varied back-link profile showing that other sites consider your site important is often needed. Under Google’s new guidelines properly doing this is critical.

These are just some of what is involved in current day search engine optimization. It’s not something that many business owners want to tackle themselves in addition to actually running their business. So give us a call.

Strategic Online Profits, Greenville’s pre-eminent SEO firm uses proven techniques to overcome each of these barriers. Call us today to let us build a customized SEO solution for your business.