Sunday, March 26, 2017


Rick Fairbanks has been such a great help with my business.  He has given me so many great ideas.  It is so helpful to have someone look at my business with experienced eyes and see things that I totally missed.  Applying just a few of his suggestions has made a huge difference in my business.  I am so grateful for his help and inspiration.


Debbie Benson



Hi Rick,

As someone who asked a stranger for help with developing a successful PPC business, this is a heartfelt thank you for the time, honesty and generosity you have given me.

Right from the start, you took it upon yourself to learn about me, my goals and my current business that I run with my husband. You helped me understand the psychology of choosing a market and writing effective PPC ad campaigns. However, the best thing was making us realize that it would be much more beneficial to develop what we currently have with our business into a stronger online and international presence.

This insight has created great excitement with us and we are now preparing to do just that! With recommendations of various resource materials and proven programmes for us to consider replicating, we are making great strides to go forward in this area. We have changed our company name, had a new logo designed (again from a great recommendation of a designer by you) and are having a new website developed.

Our products are being modified and I know you will be candid and helpful when asked for feedback as we continue our journey.

Thank you again. I can truly say that I was fortunate to find you.

Best regards,

Julie McGloin