Monday, May 22, 2017

Twitter Geo-Targeting can Benefit Small Business

The Growth of Twitter

Twitter has become a primary source of fast breaking news in the past several years. Many times when regular news agencies are shut out or unable to be there in time, it has become the only news source at times, with hundreds of users in a given area reporting up to the minute events. Everything and everyone has been turning to Twitter, including University professors to announce assignments or class updates and television shows to shout out recent news. With a constant growth in Twitter subscribers daily, it is becoming one of the best places to market to any product, business, organization, and group.Because of this, Twitter has enjoyed huge growth.

Using Twitter for Local Business

In many people’s local market, often, Twitter is sometime perceived to be only people trying to promote

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a website, a blog, or people just trying to have fun, especially by businessmen. However, with geo targeting users, Twitter offers small businesses an incredibly affordable way to reach people within miles of their business location, who may be interested in their products, whether it’s to promote an upcoming sale and/or event.

One of the hardest aspects of having a small business is the range of customers you will have. With a small business, you may not be able to grab everyone’s attention in your community. You put up business signs, put up a small billboard, send out flyers, hand out business cards, and maybe even have a Facebook fan page targeted to people in your community asking them to invite friends, yet there is still many people who haven’t heard about you living within one block radius, let alone all the other people living within miles of your business.

Twitter Geo-Marketing Benefits

Using Twitter and geo targeting users is a great way to get people from around your area to know about you. No matter what size of company you have, it is easy to target people based on location on. With the benefit of being able use Twitter for promoting a small business, the business owners are able to post up spur of the moment sales notices like, “From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm today only, discounts on “XXX”, which is a good way to catch the attention of customers if sales are slow. It is also a good way to have count downs to dates of sponsored events relating to the business or promotional events happening in the future.

Geo-targeting Twitter users for a small business is a great way to gain customers around your area that haven’t heard of you otherwise. It is also a great way to promote spur of the moment “business booster” sale periods every now and then. Not only are you able to gain a larger customer audience, but you are able to appeal to spur of the moment business daily, if needed, through quickly letting customers know you are having a small sale or event in your store.

By using Twitter geo-targeting, local businesses can expand their reach in their local markets in a very cost effective manner.

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